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Painless Normal Delivery

ağrısız normal doğum

Painless normal delivery also called “Vaginal delivery with epidural anesthesia” is one of the most preferred modes of delivery for women who want to bring their babies into the world with the vaginal delivery, but are concerned about the possible pain to be experienced during labor.

Painless normal delivery performed with epidural anesthesia prevents the expectant mother from getting physiologically stressed during labor. Epidural anesthesia, which can be applied during both vaginal delivery and cesarean section, does not restrict the movements of the mums-to-be and lose their consciousness. Therefore, the mother experience the moment of birth consciously and does not feel any pain or ache due to childbirth.

How Does Painless Vaginal Delivery Occur?

It is required to wait the appropriate time to administer epidural anesthesia during painless normal delivery carried out by specialists in the sterile operating room. When the cervix begins to open about 3 to 7 cm and contractions become frequent, anesthesiologists administer anesthetic agent to the outer region of the spinal membrane with a thin catheter while the mother is lying on her side or sitting. Thus, the expectant mother is prevented from feeling any pain in her lower body.

How To Decide Epidural Delivery?

As with all modes of delivery, many variables are taken into consideration during the process of decision-making for epidural delivery. The decision of painless normal delivery is determined according to the labor experience the expectant mother wants to have, the suitability of her general health status for anesthesia and the opinions of the Gynecologists and Obstetricians. Even though painless normal delivery has become more preferable with the understanding of the benefits of normal delivery for the mother and the baby, all mums-to-be cannot give a birth with epidural analgesia.

Who Cannot Perform Painless Normal Delivery?

Factors to prevent painless vaginal delivery can be listed as follows:

  • The use of blood thinners
  • Special circumstances in which birth should immediately occur
  • The expectant mother has an active infection in the region to be anesthetized
  • The expectant mother has a problem of hypertension

We, as KADOMER, carry out the health checks of our mums-to-be and their babies and inform them about the most suitable mode of delivery to increase their comfort. We have strived with all our power since 1995 in order to strengthen our bonds with our expectant mothers starting from the period of pregnancy and to take their babies to their laps in an environment where they feel comfortable and with specialists to whom they feel confidence.