Şaireşref Bulv. No:80 K:2 D: 6 - 7 Alsancak, İZMİR
Pzt - Cum: 09.00 - 19.00 Mon - Fri: 09.00 - 19.00
(0530) 500 61 56 -- (0232) 421 09 63 (0232) 421 60 55 -- (0532) 261 34 31

About Us

Kadomer Is a 24-year Reliable and Proven Clinic in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Kadomer Was Found By Prof. Husnu Caglar, MD, and Surgeon Hatice Aktan In 1995.

Kadomer Is A Clinic Whose Main Purpose Is to Protect Women’s Health in Izmir, To Be Able to Give the Necessary Trust and Warm Love to Patients and to Make Them Feel in a Family Environment.

Kadomer Has Prioritized Its Investments On All Kinds Of New Knowledge And Technology In Order To Provide Better Service For 24 Years. Kadomer Has Provided Patient-centered, Quality and Reliable Service to Its Patients with Innovations of Advanced Medical Technology in a Hygienic, Comfortable and Warm Environment since It Was Founded.

Kadomer Is Honored with Its 24-year History. The Most Important Factor That Motivates Us In This Process Is Patient Satisfaction. This Is The Greatest Source Of Happiness And Pride Of Kadomer.


  • Respects Science.
  • Does Not Go Beyond Scientific Facts.
  • Keeps Up With Innovations.
  • Shows Affection To Its Patients, Loves Them And Always Is Clean.
  • Likes Tolerance.
  • Is A Family For Its Employees, Looks After Them.
  • Is Seen Its Personnel as Team-Mate.
  • Has Social Sensitivity, Loves Its Country. Has A Strong Liking And Holds In High Esteem For People Who Save The Country, Notably M. Kemal Ataturk, Knows Fidelity.
  • Regards Being Sensitive To The Problems Of The Country, Being Hard-Working, Solidarist, Not To Making Religious, Linguistic And Racial Discrimination, Being Honest and Respect For Labor

As Absolute Mission.
Our Single Goal Is To Be Reliable.