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Genital Aesthetic Procedures During Treatment of Anorgasmia

Anorgazmide Estetik Uygulamaları

Orgasmic dysfunction in women, i.e. anorgasmia, can be treated with both sex therapies and genital aesthetic procedures. The treatment methods specially determined for the person can enable women to reach sexual satisfaction as well as strengthening their emotional bonds with their partners and increasing their happiness by solving the problems of the couples related to the sexuality.

Nowadays, it is a well-known fact that women with orgasmic dysfunction experience sexual stimulation problems. Physical characteristics that may lead to lack of self-confidence create negative experiences in women’s sexual lives. Vaginal rejuvenation and external genital region rejuvenation procedures have recently become more popular along with the development of non-invasive methods in genital aesthetic procedures.

  • G-Spot Amplification and G-Spot Rejuvenation: When the G-spot, which has a significant effect on the orgasm process, is amplified, sexual stimulation can be increased and orgasm can be facilitated during penetration. In addition to filler injection and lipofilling procedures for G-spot amplification, G-Spot PRPis applied in our clinic to increase collagen production and sexual sensitivity in the region.
  • Cliteroplasty: The clitoris, which plays an active role in the orgasm process with the G-spot, is the junction point of thousands of nerve endings. The clitoris may become deformed or its skin may be sagging in some women. Cliteroplastycan be performed, since this problem affects both stimulation and women’s self-confidence. This surgery can be carried out simultaneously with labiaplasty and vaginoplasty.
  • Vaginoplasty:When the vagina expands due to birth, aging, genetic factors and previous gynecological procedures, it makes difficult for both women and men to get satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Under these circumstances, orgasmic dysfunction can be treated with vaginoplasty and vaginal rejuvenation.
  • Perineal Filler:Perineal filler may be performed to remove scars on the perineum, increase clitoris and G-spot stimulation and provide vaginal tightening. Thus, women may experience an increase in their sexual functions as they get rid of the disturbing appearance.
  • We, as KADOMER, plan our anorgasmia treatment processes specifically depending on our patients’ age, general health status and expectations. We achieve successful results both functionally and cosmetically with our genital aesthetic procedures. We follow the innovations in genital aesthetic surgery and genital aesthetic procedures. We have the title of being the first clinic to perform non-surgical vaginal tightening in Izmir.