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Spider Web Vaginal Tightening

Spider Web Vaginal Tightening
(Only in KADOMER…)

The vagina opening and vagina walls may lose elasticity due to various reasons such as labor, hormonal changes, genetic factors and aging. Genital aesthetic procedures and genital aesthetic surgery as well as vaginal tightening procedures offer effective solutions to women with vaginal expansion problem, whose sexual life is affected and self-confidence is reduced because of vaginal expansion.

Women could choose from the methods of vaginoplasty, laser vaginal tightening and radiofrequency vaginal tightening until recently, but they have now a new option; Non-surgical Vaginal Tightening. 

Fast recovery time, a slight chance of bleeding and lack of need for hospitalization provide more advantages to spider web vaginal tightening procedures.

Non-surgical vaginal tightening”, which allows to become tight in general from the vaginal opening, is offered only with the expertise of KADOMER in Izmir!


Non-surgical Vaginal Tightening

Non-surgical method, which has been used as an effective skin lift and tightening method in plastic surgery for a long time, have also the feature of being the latest method used for vaginal rejuvenation. Non-surgical vaginal tightening is performed by passing dissolvable hooked sutures (1 or 2 sutures can be used depending on the skin, vaginal width and vaginal functions of the person) through the subcutaneous tissue, and it improves the functions and aesthetic appearance of the vagina.

The problems, such as the inability of women and men to get sexual satisfaction, sound from the vagina during sexual intercourse and women’s discomfort due to vaginal expansion can be eliminated by non-surgical vaginal tightening in only one session.

Non-surgical vaginal tightening allows the vaginal tightening as well as the reduction of functional dysfunctions in the perineal region. Furthermore, it can last for years.

Center For Innovations: KADOMER

We have diversified our services in all areas related to female reproductive health in Alsancak in Izmir since 1995. We have acted in accordance with the principle of providing the highest quality health services by combining the most advanced technologies with the latest methods. Our philosophy has never changed; now we have achieved the title of being THE FIRST clinic to apply a new and effective method in Izmir. We are with you together with our team that certifies their expertise in the field of spider web vaginal tightening, i.e. non-surgical vaginal tightening!