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Hymen and Hymen Reconstruction

kızlık zarı ve onarımı

The hymen, also known as “virginal membrane“, is a thin membrane surrounding the opening of the vagina. The hymen may have different shapes and it is usually shaped like a half-moon.

The hymen can be broken and damaged with different reasons, and bleeding may occur due to damage to the thin capillary vessel structure of the membrane. Sexual intercourse is the common cause of the hymen to be broken.

Women who had previously sexual intercourse may require the reconstruction of the hymen or may need to do so. This membrane, which has been interpreted as “wedding gift” and “symbol of innocence” since the Greek mythology, maintains its importance in some societies.

Hymen reconstruction is a surgical procedure; it is performed by repairing the hymen or reconstructing a new hymen in the region. It is possible to achieve realistic and long-term results in accordance with the procedure.

We, as KADOMER, perform hymen reconstruction, but also adhere to our ethical values. We maintain our sensitivity when it comes to hymen reconstruction, as in all the services we offer for the protection of women’s physiological and psychological health.