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4-Dimensional Ultrasonography

4 Boyutlu Ultrasonografi

Along with advanced technology, 2D USG, 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound have been respectively introduced. 4-Dimensional ultrasonography, which enables to transfer the 3D images of the unborn baby SIMULTANEOUSLY, has made possible to have a comprehensive examination of the baby, while offering a completely different experience to the couples who expect a baby.

4D ultrasound provides to monitor the behavior of the baby in the mother’s womb, to see clearly what s/he is doing at that moment, and perhaps most importantly, to examine her/his health status in detail. The excitement of pregnancy is increased due to high-resolution images and recording of the baby’s video images after 4D ultrasound scan.

4D ultrasonography has an important role in strengthening the bonds of couples with their babies since the early stages of pregnancy, which makes possible for parents to meet with their babies before birth.

What Are Advantages of 4D USG?

4-dimensional ultrasonography, which takes the experience of 3-dimensional ultrasound a step further, uses sound waves like standard ultrasounds to display the baby in the mother’s womb.  It allows to see clearly a baby yawning, smiling and giving different reactions. The scientific researches have indicated that 4D ultrasound is safe and makes easier to detect developmental problems in the baby.

4D USG is an option in which the facial features of the baby can be clearly visualized, the babies can be individually examined in case of multiple pregnancies, the causes of pregnancy problems can be detected and the abnormalities in the uterine structure can be determined

There is not this advanced technology in all clinics.

Pregnancy follow-up is a comprehensive process that is needed to be managed carefully. The ultrasound scans, which check the general health status of both the mother and the baby, and monitor the condition of developmental abnormalities and limbs in the baby, are indispensable processes of pregnancy follow-up. Although the technology has progressed, it should not be ignored that the continuity of 2-dimensional ultrasound scans is essential.

We, as KADOMER, first invest in the health of the expectant mothers and their babies, whom we see as a part of our family. We service in our clinic with 3 Doppler and 2 four-dimensional ultrasound devices; we aim at excellence in the pregnancy follow-up. We fulfill successfully all the necessary screening and examination processes in order to happily pass through the most special periods of your life and end with a miracle by providing all the technologies to you.