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Painless Laser Treatment For Genital Warts

Lazerle Ağrısız Genital Siğil Tedavisi

Genital warts, i.e. condylomas, which occur due to HPV virus sexually transmitted, can be removed with laser technology.

Painless genital wart treatment can be performed in case of lack of efficacy of medicines used for genital wart treatment, the spread of condylomas and the need for treatment of warts during pregnancy.

Laser condyloma treatment is more frequently preferred because of the high comfort of laser treatment and the minimization of the risk of recurrence of warts.

Painless Laser Condyloma Treatment

Genital warts are skin lesions that threaten the health of many people and reduce their quality of life by causing symptoms such as itching, burning and pain during sexual intercourse. Although there is no treatment for HPV virus leading to genital warts, the removal of genital warts is important for the prevention of the spread of infection and the increase of self-confidence of the person.

During painless laser condyloma treatment, the wart formations that HPV virus leads to develop in the vulva, vagina or cervix are destroyed with laser beams. The person can return home the same day after laser treatment, the leading one of the most effective genital wart treatment methods. The recovery process may vary from 1 to 3 weeks according to the size, amount and location of the destroyed warts. It is recommended not to have a sexual intercourse in this process.

 The complete recovery process after laser condyloma treatment may also extend and shorten in relation to the person’s age, general health status and obedience to the directives of the expert other than the characteristics of the warts.

Laser treatment for genital wart should be only performed by experienced specialists with FDA-approved laser devices.

We, as KADOMER, increase your comfort with the services we offer for genital aesthetics. We use Erbium YAG laser with the latest technology in our clinic. Thus, we carry out a painless treatment for genital warts and we prevent deep tissue injury. We also aim to provide you with the privileges of laser technology not only for genital wart treatment but also during the treatment of urinary incontinence problems, vaginal expansion and the color changes of the external genital region. Since 1995, we have worked for the protection and improvement of your health and we have used the most advanced technologies to bring you together with the highest quality services.