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Mini IVF (Mini Test-Tube Baby)

mini ivf

In Vitro Fertilization, known colloquially as test-tube baby treatment, can be defined as assisted reproductive therapy method, which is applied to women with blocked fallopian tubes and in case of advancing age, stress, failure of other treatments or low quality of sperm (amount, motility and morphology).

Test-tube baby treatment is based on the principle of combining the eggs taken from a woman with the selected sperms artificially in a laboratory setting and inserting the fertilized egg or eggs into her uterus and new alternatives have emerged with each passing day.

What Is Mini IVF?

Minimal Stimulation In Vitro Fertilization, Mini Test-Tube Baby or Mini IVF is an assisted reproductive therapy technique that provides an alternative to traditional IVF treatment and have advantages such as less drug use, less cost and spending less time. More successful results can be achieved with Mini IVF as a simpler test-tube baby treatment in the patients with a small number of eggs and advancing age.

Mini IVF Advantages

The main purpose of Mini IVF treatment is to be able to produce “QUALITY” egg or eggs rather than in large numbers. The classic IVF treatment process is introduced after obtaining an appropriate egg for fertilization with mini test-tube baby treatment, which is applied to increase the quality of the eggs rather than their amount. During Mini IVF treatment, fewer drugs are given to the patient as compared to IVF treatment in order to stimulate ovaries, and treatment costs are lower because it does not include daily injections.

Who Is Eligible For Mini IVF?

In case of not getting pregnant naturally;

  • Women, who want less exposure to hormone drugs,
  • Having the risk of OHSS(ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome)
  • Requesting for the protection of their eggs before cancer therapy,
  • Having problems in their fallopian tubes and being below the age of 35,
  • Being concerned about the daily injection process in IVF treatment,
  • Having low egg reserve that cannot be increased with IVF treatment,
  • Looking for a more economical solution and
  • Wishing to reduce the probability of multiple pregnancies, are considered eligible for mini IVF treatment. However, the final decision belongs to experts who listen the medical history of women, analyze their expectations and perform their health checks in detail.

We, as KADOMER, provide you with our knowledge and experience in assisted reproductive techniques under mini IVF treatments. Following our extensive examinations, we initiate our mini test-tube baby treatments that allow to obtain less but better quality eggs.