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Abortion also known as curettage features a medical procedure, which is performed for the termination of pregnancy, the treatment of gynecological diseases or the biopsy.

Abortion can be applied in cases where pregnancy poses a risk to the expectant mother, the baby dies in the mother’s womb and has genetic diseases or the continuation of pregnancy is undesired.

Factors such as the month and period of pregnancy at which abortion will be applied can provide different methods of abortion. Vacuum technique is used in the first trimester of pregnancy, i.e. during week 10 of pregnancy. Different abortion techniques can be applied as follow: Revision curettage method for the removal of the remaining parts from the uterus after unexpected miscarriages; probe curettage method in order to diagnose during any gynecological disease; endometrial curettage method for the collection of any sample from the uterus for the diagnosis of infertility.

What Is Abortion?

As mentioned earlier, the medical procedure that is performed for the termination of pregnancy, the diagnosis or treatment of gynecological diseases is called “abortion”. During the abortion procedure lasting about 10 minutes, local or general anesthesia can be preferred depending on the general health status of the patient.

Abortion procedure can be applied during week 10 of pregnancy to terminate undesired pregnancies. In case of any risk of the baby’s or the mother’s life, the committee decision is required to perform abortion up to week 24 of pregnancy.

When Is Abortion Performed?

Abortion is not only a procedure to be performed with a woman’s consent for the termination of undesired pregnancy. Abortion becomes obligatory because of the problems experienced during pregnancy. Some situations require abortion as follows:

  • The death of the baby in the mother’s womb
  • The detection of permanent abnormalities in the baby
  • Getting a virus and having contagious diseases of the expectant mother during pregnancy
  • Excessive increase in the thyroid hormone level of the expectant mother
  • Having cancer of the expectant mother during pregnancy

How Is Abortion Performed?

Vacuum technique is generally used to perform abortion during week 10 of pregnancy as a result of the health problems of the mother and the baby as well as for the termination of undesired pregnancy. Due to the progress of pregnancy, dilatation technique is used during and after the second trimester of pregnancy.

Who Can Get An Abortion?

Married women over the age of 18 need to have their partners’ consent to get an abortion. If she is not married, she can get an abortion with her own consent.  Unless she is not over the age of 18, she cannot get an abortion without her parent’s consent regardless of her marital status, married or single.

We, as KADOMER, carry out abortion only within legal boundaries. Since 1995, we have always been at your side with our gynecological services that prioritize your health.