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Cesarean Section


Cesarean section, which can be applied to women who have concerns about vaginal delivery or those who having a vaginal delivery poses a risk for both themselves and their babies, can be defined as a procedure of removing the baby from the mother’s womb through surgical procedures.

As a result of environmental factors, the growing concerns about normal delivery  increases the frequency of cesarean section preferences. The cesarean section decision should be made in accordance with the recommendations of gynecologists as a result of comprehensive examinations to the expectant mother.

How To Perform Cesarean Section?

Cesarean section is a surgical operation performed under anesthesia. The type of anesthesia to be given to the expectant mother is determined taking account of the mother’s expectations, general health and birth conditions. If cesarean section is performed with epidural anesthesia, the mother can consciously experience her first contact with her baby.

Although the process of recovery after cesarean section may vary from person to person, it may take about 3 weeks for women to feel well and get rid of postoperative complaints. She must obey the directives of the experts in order to avoid complications.

When Does Cesarean Section Become Mandatory?

As stated above, cesarean section may sometimes become a necessity rather than a preference. Cesarean delivery may be mandatory in such cases:

  • Failure to progress in labor
  • Sudden danger for the fetus
  • The baby is too big to pass through the cervix
  • The fetus is in a breech or transverse position
  • The mother has an infectious virus
  • The mother has problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Detection of anomalies in placenta and umbilical cord ultrasonography
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Determination of the baby to have fetal distress in NST monitoring

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