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Perineal Filler – Perineal Lipofilling

Perine Dolgusu – Perine Yağ Enjeksiyonu

During vaginal delivery, ruptures may occur due to trauma in the “perineal” region located between the posterior wall of the vagina and the rectum. The size of the rupture in the perineal region leads to a decrease in the perineal function and aesthetic concerns.

The perineum, which is an important point of support for pelvic floor muscles, also plays a role in sexual stimulation and orgasm process. The perineum is an area on which the nerves concentrate, and it increases orgasm since it also affects the tightness of the vaginal opening due to its location. Perineal filler becomes prominent as an important treatment option, since the lack of elasticity and supportive feature of perineal tissue may also cause pelvic organs to sag.

Perineal Filler

Fillers containing hyaluronic acid can be injected to increase the perineal fullness and strengthen the perineal support to facilitate orgasm. Hyaluronic acid produced naturally by the body is also effective in tissue regeneration, wound healing and skin rejuvenation processes. When this substance, which has the feature of moistening the tissue, is injected into the perineal region, it repairs the damaged tissues and leads to rejuvenation in the perineal region. HA filler can improve both the functions and appearance of the perineal region.

Perineal Lipofilling

The serum obtained by a special processing of the fats taken from the person’s own body is injected into the subcutaneous tissue. As the substance injected during perineal lipofilling is the person’s own fat, any allergic reaction does not occur in the person, the procedure takes effect in a very short time and the process of tissue regeneration is accelerated in the injection site. Lipofilling is a minimally invasive method, which creates a natural fullness in the perineal region and also helps to heal scars.

Perineal filler and perineal lipofilling can be performed in a clinical setting and the success of the results from these procedures can be maximized with the support of PRP treatment. The fullness obtained after the sessions of perineal filler and perineal lipofilling is not permanent, so the sessions may be repeated.

We, as KADOMER, choose the most appropriate treatment option for your needs among the most effective ones and meditate the realization of your expectations in order to increase the perineal functions, reduce aesthetic concerns arising from scars on the perineum and facilitate to have an orgasm.