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Radiofrequency Treatment for Vaginal and External Genital Region Rejuvenation

Radyofrekans İle Genital Bölge Gençleştirme

During the procedures of radiofrequency treatment for vaginal and external genital region rejuvenation, which can be applied in a clinical setting, the dermis layer with a depth of 3-5 mm from the skin surface is heated in a controlled manner. Radiofrequency sessions using special nozzles for the vagina and the external genital region accelerate the formation of connective tissues called collagen in the procedure site. The formation of new fibers in the region tightens the tissue and provides rejuvenation. After radiofrequency sessions featuring the removal of skin stains, darkening of the skin and scars, the procedure site both rejuvenates and becomes tight and refreshed.

Radiofrequency Treatment for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal relaxation, sagging and loss of sensitivity in skin of erogenous zones may occur because of hormonal changes, advanced age, genetic factors, labors and lifestyle. During vaginal radiofrequency procedures lasting approximately 5 to 10 minutes, energy is equally disturbed to all points of the vaginal canal. Thus, vaginal tightness is provided, vaginal dryness problems are eliminated and G-spot sensitivity is increased due to tissue regeneration. After radiofrequency treatment for vaginal rejuvenation also know as painless vaginal rejuvenation, the patient can immediately return to her daily life and there is a slight chance of complication after procedure.

Radiofrequency Treatment for External Genital Region Rejuvenation

Radiofrequency treatment for external genital rejuvenation is a short term procedure that maximizes patient comfort during the session. External genital region rejuvenation without anesthesia allows recovery throughout the vulva region. After radiotherapy treatment for vulva rejuvenation, labia minora is tightened, sagging in the labia majora is removed and labia majora boosts volume and also the vulva is bleached. The radiofrequency energy also affects the clitoris and the opening of the vagina. Therefore, the opening of the vagina is recovered, the clitoris sensitivity increases, and the process of tissue renewal is also initiated in the perineal region.  Urinary incontinence problems can be eliminated because the pelvic floor muscles are also tightened during radiofrequency treatment for vulva rejuvenation.

After the procedures of radiofrequency treatment for genital region rejuvenation, the vulva and vagina are both aesthetically and functionally healed. Vaginal rejuvenation makes women easier to reach pleasure in their sexual lives, thereby ensuring sexual intercourse to be more satisfying for women and men.

We, as KADOMER, use the cutting-edge technologies and the newest techniques for your health and happiness. Thanks to our radiofrequency treatments, we eliminate aesthetic and functional problems in the internal and external genital regions due to aging, hormonal changes, previous operations and labors.