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External Genital Region Bleaching

Dış Genital Bölge Beyazlatma

The color darkening in the external genital region may occur over time due to labor, hormonal changes, the use of contraceptives, polycystic ovary syndrome, hair removal methods, cosmetic products, genetic predisposition, surgical procedures, advancing age, infections and even choice of underwear. The color changes in the external genital region are not a functional problem, but they can cause aesthetic concerns on women.

Women who have color changes in their external genital region can get rid of the color darkening, which disturbs them, with laser treatment for external genital region bleaching procedures and also can get a rejuvenated and renewed skin with the effect of laser beams applied to the external genital region. Women who can return to their daily lives after the sessions of painless external genital region bleaching increase their self-confidence and their sexual life is also noticeably improved.

Laser Treatment for External Genital Region Bleaching

During the procedure also called “vulvar bleaching”, only Erbium YAG Laser is used in our clinic. The external genital region bleaching procedures performed with the FDA-approved Erbium – YAG laser offer a quite comfortable experience. Laser applications that need to be carried out only by specialist doctors are safely terminated.

After the procedures of the external genital region bleaching with Erbium laser which is safely used in all the skin types, the person can return to her daily life. Laser treatment for external genital region bleaching, which is carried out in a clinical setting without anesthesia, is applied in 20 – 25 minutes of sessions. The number of sessions may change according to the skin characteristics and darkening rate of the person.

Advantages of Erbium Laser in Genital Aesthetic Procedures

When the vulvar bleaching procedure is completed with the help of Erbium Laser which has the feature of reducing the skin stains, marks on the skin and epidermal lesions, the regeneration and rejuvenation on the vulvar skin occur at the same time. It needs to be waited for about 20 days for the most accurate results after the external genital region bleaching evaluated under the scope of the external genital region rejuvenation.

We, as KADOMER, maintain our claim in the field of genital aesthetics. Along with the most advanced laser and radiofrequency applications, we offer not only external genital region bleaching, but also treatments of vaginal tightening, vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal dryness.