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Genital PRP Applications (External Genital and Vagina PRP)

Genital PRP Uygulamaları

Genital PRP can provide to rejuvenate the genital area and improve the functions and appearance of the genital area.

What Is PRP?

During Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, a person’s blood is drawn and it is subjected to a special process, so platelet-rich plasma is obtained.  The obtained plasma contains growth factors and protein; when injected to skin region, it triggers new cell formation and collagen production leading to renewal, rejuvenation and tightening of the skin. If chemical-free PRP serums are regularly applied, skin problems are solved with the rejuvenation of the skin and its lower layers are repaired.  The effect of PRP therapy enables this application to be often preferred also in the genital aesthetics.

  • Vaginal PRP Applications

    PRP therapy can be safely applied to the vagina. PRP applications, which is performed through the injection of the serums obtained from the person’s own blood into the skin, provide as follows:

    • The G-spot can be rejuvenated; the tissues of the G-spot can be renewed and the capacity of the sexual arousal in that region can be increased.
    • PRP therapy can be applied when the vaginal expansion occur if the muscles providing the vaginal tightness becomes loose. The vaginal PRP application, which stimulates growth factors and stem cells, provides the vaginal tightness.

    External Genital Region PRP Applications

    PRP applications, which can be preferred for the rejuvenation of the internal genital area and the external genital area, provide high satisfaction. PRP application, which is performed with the injection of plasma with complete natural content into the external genital area, provide as follows:

    • The external genital area can be blanched.
    • Vulvar skin become tight, wrinkles are reduced and skin is renewed.
    • The problem of vaginal dryness is improved.
    • The clitoral sensitivity with thousands of nerve ending can be increased, a revitalizing effect can be created in the clitoris. PRP can be applied to the clitorisunder the scope of anorgasmia therapy.
    • The fullness is formed in the external genital area skin and it gives the skin a more bright appearance.
    • Mild urinary incontinence problems can be treated when PRP is applied around the urethral orifice.

    You can obtain a younger, tighter and rejuvenated appearance thanks to the external genital area and vagina PRP applications. PRP therapy, which causes a noticeable decrease in anorgasmia problems, is performed in a clinical setting without anesthesia. It takes 5-10 minutes and then women can return their daily lives immediately.

    We, as KADOMER, perform PRP therapy under our genital aesthetics applications. We increase the quality of sexual life and self-confidence of women with our PRP applications improving both the aesthetic appearance and functions of the genital area in accordance with our patients’ demands and needs.