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Vaginismus can be defined as the condition that women are not be able to have sexual intercourse or that sexual intercourse is very painful due to past sexual experiences that left a bad trace, prejudices about sexuality, anxiety about feeling of pain during sexual intercourse or sometimes, although rare organic reasons.

Vaginismus is a problem of sexual function in women; it is characterized by “involuntary” contraction of the muscles at the entrance of the vagina before sexual intercourse and sexual intercourse become impossible.

Vaginismus can occur as primary (congenital) vaginismus or secondary (after sexual intercourse) vaginismus. Vaginismus can take effect during sexual intercourse, gynecological examination and attempting to insert foreign bodies such as tampon into the vagina.

Causes and Symptoms of Vaginismus

The causes of vaginismus can be reduced to one single factor. Unconscious sense of guilt, the idea of sexuality being a sin, ongoing fears from childhood, painful past sexual experiences and organic factors may be the cause of vaginismus. This problem, which is common among women in the world, also affects married couples, damages the emotional bond between them and influences both women and men and reduces the quality of life. The most basic symptom of vaginismus is fear of sexual intercourse, inability to prepare for intercourse, pain during sexual intercourse or inability to have sexual intercourse, but it can be treated.

Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus, which puts women into a vicious circle of fear, should be treated with methods which are specially determined for the person. Under the scope of vaginismus treatment, it is firstly investigated whether there are infections that may cause to feel pain during sexual intercourse, and if any, infection treatment is initiated.

Vaginismus generally occurs as a result of psychological factors and therefore, vaginismus treatment should be formed for the person specifically. Vaginismus can be treated with sex therapies in which women and their partners participate, pelvic floor muscle exercises helping to control the vaginal muscles and suggestions.

Vaginismus treatment is a complex process; it may be necessary to apply multiple treatment methods simultaneously. Choosing patient-friendly approaches is of great importance for the success of treatments. It is necessary to understand the concerns of women having the problem of vaginismus and to explain that they are not alone. It is an important dynamic of treatment to give advices to the partners and provide them to support women.

We, as KADOMER, introduce vaginismus treatment processes that are specific to the needs of our patients with vaginismus. We share the holistic treatment processes applied by our experts, and our experience in order to improve the relationship between women and their partners along with their sexual lives.