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Cervical Smear (Smear – PAP Smear)

Servikal Smear (Smear – PAP Smear)

Cervical smear also known as PAP Test and PAP Smear is a screening method used in cervical cancer screening. The cervical cancers can be diagnosed with cervical lesions starting in cervical cells and having a risk of turning into cancer through smear test based on the principle of evaluating the cells taken from the cervix between the uterus and the vagina.

PAP Smear test, which is used in cervical cancer screening and enables the diagnosis and treatment of precancerous cervical lesions for the person as mentioned before, is a screening test which should be done by all women regularly after sexual intercourse.

HPV Test

HPV test should be performed in addition to the smear test in the cervical screening. HPV test is performed to determine whether HPV virus is present in the cervix and is a very important screening test because HPV virus can trigger cancer formation in cervical cells. This test can determine whether or not the person has HPV and if any, what type of HPV virus is present.

Both cervical smear and HPV test results are evaluated in the laboratory, and both tests also provide information on female reproductive health and so, life-saving measures can be taken.

Why Should Smear and HPV Tests Be Performed?

Smear and HPV tests, which can be performed simultaneously, are tests to detect cervical cancer and lesions having a risk of turning into cervical cancer, and to assess the risk of turning into cancer if lesions or HPV virus is present.

Cancer can be treated early, because cervical screening tests can detect abnormal cells. If the findings from PAP Smear and HPV test are suspicious, colposcopy and cervical biopsy methods can also be used to confirm the diagnosis.

Who Is Applied to Smear and HPV Test?

Cervical smear screening is not performed only for people with suspicious symptoms or those at risk of cervical cancer. It is also carried out for routine control during gynecological examinations. It is recommended to perform a smear test every 3 years from the first sexual intercourse to 30 years of age. HPV test should be included in the smear test performed every 3 years after 30 years of age.

We, as KADOMER, explain the importance of PAP smear test to all our patients who apply to us because of the decrease in cervical cancer cases thanks to PAP smear test. We perform PAP smear and HPV test in the recommended periods and guide our patients in accordance with the results we have obtained from these tests.