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Natural Birth

doğal doğum

Natural birth provides women to live their most special moment at a high level of awareness, to give themselves up to the hormones to manage the birth process and is based on the principle of the birth with the most primitive impulses, which has become increasingly common.

Women who have difficulty in choosing between painless natural birth, epidural cesarean and natural birth options with the progression of pregnancy prefer increasingly a method of natural birth if they do not pose a risk to their babies and their state of health.

What Is Natural Birth?

Natural birth is a method of birth where the birth process is controlled by the hormones of the expectant mother and no surgical intervention is performed without anesthesia unless she is required.

For the natural birth method, birth happens naturally, the privacy of the expectant mother is highly protected in the operating room environment and all the factors that may increase her stress level are removed from the environment.

The environment can be darkened and customized and music can be played so that the expectant mother can experience the birth process in the most special way. Thus, the high level of respect is shown to the baby and the woman as well as the nature, as it should be.

During the natural birth, midwives and specialist physicians increase the comfort of the mother, offer an environment in which she can feel secure with the effect of special bonds established from the pregnancy follow-up and of course, follow closely the health of the mother and the baby. The main purpose of the specialists not to interfere with the birth process is not to affect the progress of birth, i.e. the release of hormones. Because the female body has been created for the natural birth and the hormones that control this process will perform their duties perfectly. As the release of oxytocin and endorphin hormones increases, oxytocin passes from mother to baby and strengthens the bond between mother and baby, which the miracle of natural birth begins to occur. If labor contractions become more frequent, the release of endorphin hormone featuring pain relief increases and the baby also experiences the relaxing effect of this hormone.

We, as KADOMER, take our expectant mothers to a natural birth with a trained and professional team. We prepare the expectant mother psychologically for the birth during her pregnancy, follow the development of the baby very closely and say “Hello” to the newborns together with our specialists who establish a family bond with the mother.