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Birth Doula

Doula Eşliğinde Doğum

In recent years, “doula”, i.e. midwives, has taken a more active role in pregnancy processes. Doulas increase the comfort of prenatal and birth processes by reducing the stress of the expectant mother, encouraging positive thinking and providing moral support to the couples especially during the process of natural childbirth preparation.

What Is Doula?

Doulas can also be called birth coach. Their main task is to support the expectant mother without pressure and help normalize pregnancy and childbirth. The doulas who prepare the expectant mother to the moment of childbirth psychologically and give moral support to her do not leave her alone during childbirth.

The doulas do not have the right to speak about the childbirth processes and decision-making mechanisms. They serve to calm the pregnant woman in accordance with the directives of the doctors.

Doula Provide Support in Prenatal Process

As mentioned earlier, birth coaches not only support the mother during childbirth; but also help both the mother and the father emotionally from the prenatal period. They give support to the expectant mother to reduce her stress and relax during childbirth.

Birth Coaches Give Moral Support To The Mother During Childbirth

 The doulas reduce the concerns of the expectant mother during childbirth and also protect their privacy. The doulas, who maintain their objectivity in all processes, contribute to the expectant mother to determine a positive perspective in the pregnancy process with their high energy. They do not find the behaviors or preferences of the expectant mother as strange, and they stay calm in any case. As the main aim of the birth coaches is to relieve the expectant mother psychologically, the doula offers counseling to both the mother and the father in this process.

Doulas Also Accompany The Expectant Mother During The Postnatal Period

The doulas remind the mother of the information they have previously provided to breastfeed her baby after childbirth, inform the father about how he should support the mother and work under the responsibility of the doctors to turn the birth experience into a pleasing moment for the couples from beginning to end.

We, as KADOMER, support our mums-to-be who want to give birth with a birth doula. We contribute to reducing the childbirth concerns and making the childbirth safer with the birth coaches who give moral support to the mums-to-be during pregnancy and encourage them to think positively.