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Micro Chip (Sperm Chip) Method

çip bebek yöntemi

The high quality egg and sperm are needed to achieve a successful IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment. If the eggs and sperm are of good quality, the quality of the obtained embryo also increases directly. Thus, the success of pregnancy is also increased.

Infertility is only resulted from women. The sperm malformations (morphology), lack of sperm count and motility in men can lead to male infertility. When the main reason that the couples cannot have a child, i.e. lack of high-quality embryo, is caused by sperm, the chance of getting pregnant can be increased with micro chip (sperm chip) method.

 Micro chip (sperm chip) method also known as micro chip in vitro fertilization treatment is based on the principle of the selection of sperm with high motility and normal morphology for embryo formation.

Micro Chip In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

Thanks to Micro Chip IVF Treatment, the best quality of sperm can be selected from men with morphological sperm abnormalities, low sperm count and motility. Micro chip (sperm chip) method, which allows to separate sperm with the best-quality and most healthy DNA by using chips with micro ductules that imitate the functioning within the body, offers an important opportunity to create healthy embryos.

What Are The Advantages of Micro Chip IVF Treatment?

In cases where pregnancy does not occur due to male infertility, the possibility of pregnancy is increased, because the micro chip (sperm chip) method can be used to select the best-quality sperm. Since sperm with the healthiest DNA can be combined with the highest quality of eggs, the possibility of being healthy of the baby can be increased.

The healthy sperm, which is obtained under micro chip in vitro fertilization treatment, is fertilized with eggs in a laboratory setting and then all subsequent stages are managed in the same way as those of traditional in vitro fertilization treatment.

We, as KADOMER, help the couples who have infertility problems with our in vitro fertilization treatments in cases where pregnancy does not occur naturally. In the event of male infertility, we combine in vitro fertilization treatment with micro chip (sperm chip) method and achieve the best quality and most healthy sperm and offer our experience and expertise to increase the chance of pregnancy. We follow the medical developments closely and support the couples who apply to us in order to evaluate them individually, if necessary. We have regarded you as our family and g-have customized our services for your happiness since 1995.